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Сonceptual technologies for foundation engineering

Aggregate-modular piling system

Pressing and extracting
of building elements:
piles, pipes, sheet piles

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Automated construction of pile foundations

EC TRANSZVUK offers a range of works on the construction of pile foundations, sheet pile structures, reinforcement of pits, and slope stabilization. The piling works are performed using environmentally friendly construction machinery and technologies. Each pile foundation project is provided with scientific and technical support. We work all over Ukraine.


CONCEPTUAL EQUIPMENT:  Aggregate-Modular Piling System; Hydraulic Piling Machine S0-450 of pressing type, with side wedge-operated clamping system; Sheet Piling Machine RSМ-80

The main concept of our technology

  • Use a wide range of reinforced concrete piles and other prefabricated building elements;
  • The ability to install piles into the ground with minimal impact on the environment, bases, foundations, and communications of nearby buildings;
  • Use of a modular concept for precise positioning of the equipment;
  • Automation of the main technological processes.

The concept of using the Aggregate-Modular Piling System, based on the constructive-technological alignment of the modules used with the modular coordination grid of the building, is that the longitudinal guide supports of the modules are installed on the ground and form a technological modular grid on the coordinate plane of the pile field and on the foundation plan, which corresponds to the modular coordinating grid system of the building or structure under construction. This ensures positional accuracy and continuity of the main technological process: pile installation - piling machine displacement, which allows for significantly reducing the duration of piling works and labor costs. The pile-pressing process is automated and remotely controlled.

The organization of piling works based on the use of typified technological schemes allows to cover the whole range of classified technological processes with one set of equipment. It is reasonable to use the developed technology to ensure the following requirements: low noise and vibration level, the possibility to perform piling works in confined spaces, on slopes, on weak and water-saturated soils, as well as positional accuracy, ability to control the pressing force of each pile, high productivity, environmental friendliness.


  •  Construction of pile foundations for buildings and structures
  •  Pressing into the ground and extraction of building elements
  •  Construction of sheet pile structures, Larsen sheet pile
  •  Hydrotechnical works, earthquake-resistant construction
  •  Strengthening the foundations of existing buildings and structures
  •  Strengthening of excavation walls, pits, stabilization of slopes
  •  Installation of piles for power line bases
  •  Pile foundations for bridges and highway overpasses
  •  Construction of pile foundations for cottages and residences
  •  Construction in difficult engineering and geological conditions
  •  Construction in historical city centers, "inserts"
  •  Conducting field control tests of piles
  •  Organizational and technological process modeling
  •  Full-scale geotechnical modeling
  •  Construction and engineering expertise, consulting

PILING METHOD. Installation of precast elements - concrete piles, pipes, sheet piles, and metal profiles - by pressing them into the ground. The specific features of the technology used allow the environmental impact to be minimized, which is particularly important when constructing in confined urban areas, in historic city centers, in difficult engineering and geological conditions, and on weak, water-saturated soils. Piling works can be carried out both on open and unimproved sites and in conditions of maximum proximity to existing buildings, structures, foundations, and communications, including reconstruction and restoration of foundations, as well as in basements, lift shafts, and under the roofs of buildings.

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