Sheet Piling Machine RSM-80

Aggregate-modular piling system

Pressing and extracting
of building elements:
piles, pipes, sheet piles

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This is a Sheet Piling Machine RSM-80 of pressing type, developed by EC Transzvuk (UA Patent No.42940). This construction machine is intended for pressing into the ground precast building elements: concrete piles with cross-sections up to 250×250 mm, sheet piles not more than 250 mm in width, metal pipes, and profiles.

Technical specifications:

Nom. pressing force 800 kN (80 tf)
Max.  pressing force 1000 kN (100 tf)
Pile pressing speed 1.5÷3.5 m⁄min
Pile cross-section 250 mm
Starting power 90 kW
Consumption power 22 kW
Noise level 80 dB
Machine self-weight 6.5 tonnes
Dimensions, meters 6.0×1.2×1.5

The Sheet Piling Machine RSM-80 is a gravity type and is anchored with metal loads by a service crane. The total weight of the loads can be up to 100 tonnes and is determined by the soil resistance. The self-weight of the machine is only 6.5 tonnes, and the pile pressing force is up to 1000 kN. The мachine is silent, has no dynamic or vibration effects on the ground, and meets the highest environmental safety requirements. It works on the principle of self-centering the pile utilizing a side wedge-operated clamping system and cyclically pressing a pile into the ground in manual or automatic mode.

These types of pile-pressing machines remain indispensable for installing piles or sheet piles with high responsibility, where the safety of nearby buildings is critical, and where piling work is carried out as close as possible to existing buildings or structures - 0.75 m for concrete piles and 0.5 m for sheet piles. The RSM-80 machine can be disassembled into separate units weighing up to 350 kg and then reassembled in the basement or in hard-to-reach spaces.

This machine is used for the construction of pile foundations for buildings and structures, sheet pile walls, and sheet pile protective walls, as well as for reconstruction, restoration, and reinforcement of existing foundations and for hydro-technical works. When piling in shallow water, the machine is mounted on a pontoon with a hole for the pile to pass through. The most effective application of the Sheet Piling Machine RSM-80 is pressing of reinforced concrete piles and sheet piles near or inside existing buildings, near dilapidated and emergency structures, as well as sheeting along the contour of foundations of existing structures, excavations, coastal slopes, stabilization of landslide slopes and places where dynamic and vibration effects are inadmissible.

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