Engineering Center Transzvuk

Aggregate-modular piling system

Pressing and extracting
of building elements:
piles, pipes, sheet piles

EC Transzvuk is a research and production company. Currently, the company's activities are related to the development and implementation of innovative technologies for industrial application, including training and retraining of personnel to work with new automated equipment.

Address: Engineering Center Transzvuk,
Baryatinsky Lane, 6, 65014 Odesa, Ukraine.

Department of Civil Construction

At present, the company's department focus is on the construction of pile foundations and sheet pile structures, reinforcement of excavations, and slope stabilization. These include restricted urban areas, historic city centers, complex engineering and geological conditions, and weak soils. Piling works are carried out using environmentally friendly construction equipment and technologies. Each piling project is accompanied by scientific and technical support. We work all over Ukraine.

Phone: +38 067 4861177

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Representative: Eli Wahler
Company: Engineering Services International GmbH
Address: Breitensteinstrasse 57A, 8037 Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 76 482 5646