Aggregate-Modular Piling System

Aggregate-modular piling system

Pressing and extracting
of building elements:
piles, pipes, sheet piles

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This is an Aggregate-Modular Piling System - conceptual construction equipment for pressing precast pile elements into the ground automatically. It was developed by the EC Transzvuk in Odesa, Ukraine. It is used to construct pile foundations and sheet pile structures for civil and industrial buildings. Technical specifications of the Modular Piling System are given below.

Nom. Pressing force 2 000 kN (200 tf)
Max. Pressing force 2 300 kN (230 tf)
Pile pressing speed 1.5 ÷ 3.5 m⁄min
Hourly productivity 4 concrete piles
Displacement speed 2.1 m/min
Positional precision ± 10 mm
Modules dimension 12.0 × 4.20 m

The Aggrigate-Modular Piling System (UA Patent No.114055) incorporates a modular approach to pile-base construction that provides architectural flexibility and adaptability for different construction projects, particularly in challenging conditions. The pile-pressing process is automated and remote-controlled. This concept allows precise biaxial (X-Y) controlled repositioning of the piling machine without the need for reassembly and re-anchoring and without interrupting the main technological process: pile installation - piling machine displacement, thus reducing the duration of piling works, machining time, and labor costs.

Агрегатно-модульна система для вдавлювання паль - Transzvuk

Technological cycle of the piling system operation:
1 – crane, 2 – aggregate module, 3 – machine, 4 – anchor loads, 5 – pile, 6 – inventory tool

Advantages of the modular piling system

  • High productivity (up to 4 piles per hour) is achieved by maximizing the overlap of technological processes in time and space, as well as saving time in the process of re-anchoring the machine.

  • The movement of the piling machine over the pile field in relation to the building coordinating grid system opens up the possibility of using an automatic positioning system, thus eliminating pile deviations from the plan.

  • Planning of the sequence of system movements on site can be carried out both at the pile foundation design stage and during the pile works with the use of modern CAD/CAM.

  • Various types of structural coordiinating grid systems can be used to solve optimization problems. This is relevant for the design and construction of buildings with complex shapes and complexes of buildings.

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